West Nile Treatment

Back in 2015 - Phoenix came down with West Nile Virus.  This is the herbal remedy prescribed by a local Holistic Pharmacist in Corydon.

LP Appaloosa Project

Purdue University began the Appaloosa project many years ago, studying the coat patterns of this unique breed. FDAS Phoenix is a 50/50 combination of the Friesian and Appaloosa breeds, with a strong leopard LP pattern in his Appaloosa background.


Genetic Legacy 4mL's - $1250

Phoenix is a KING with the heart of a servant.  If you are looking to put intelligence and beauty into the show ring, start here.

FDAS Phoenix

Phoenix has been genetically tested for coat pattern genetics.

Phoenix has beautiful peacock spots and white tipped ear, we are excited to see his first foal crop in 2021!