Phoenix’s Story, from HIS persepective

I AM Phoenix. I have a destiny, will you join me??
I was born in the House of Leo with Moon rising in Aquarius. I was born in the middle of summer, 6 weeks overdue according to calendars.  It was a time in my world where chaos was all around me.  I was the 7th son of a 7th son. My father was a black immigrant who came over from Amsterdam as a small boy. He was separated from his mother at 6 months old, and set on a flight to America on a boeing 747 filled with strangers.  Shuffled through a quarantine facility in New York City and a long grueling drive on a semi filled with more strangers, only to be broken down on the side of the road in the middle of the night. His destination was located in the heartland of America, in an old drafty barn in the middle of winter.  That’s when he met, THE GIRL.  THE GIRL from the Universe.
The new people talked funny, especially THE GIRL.  She was strange, and not like him … but she loved him.  She would tell him stories of her dreams since a child.  Where she would one day meet “the one” and their conscious’ would become one mind. As time went on, they took care of one another and had some great times together but THE GIRL got so busy.  Even lost sometimes it seemed… became unfocused and distant. And the life she promised and dreamed about grew more and more distant.
THE GIRL introduced my parents.  My mother was white.  She came from a line of upper middle class diplomats, who were experiencing success in the show biz world when she met my father. THE GIRL gave them a home to start a family.  THE GIRL loved all of us and gave everything she had, when she had it.  When the good was good, it was really good.
Before I was born my family all lived together. They were inseparable.  My father was with my mother for every birth, raised, guarded, guided and protected us. I say “us” but I don’t have any personal memories of HIM or the aftermath of horrible things my family experienced, i’ve just heard them often enough from THE GIRL that I’ve got a pretty good idea of how it went down.
By the time I was born, it was just my mother and me. My father and siblings were all dispersed around the country, for a paupers pence. I was born on a warm summer morning, my mother was alone, but I was her 7th, she knew what to do.
It wasn’t long before I met her, THE GIRL. Twelve hours after I was born, the first time I laid eyes on her. It was love at first sight. My mother could tell how devastated she was to learn we were due to leave and travel to a new home on the West coast. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I felt it.
The long and short of it is … I ended up staying with THE GIRL.  This change in plans had come unexpectedly so there were some loose ends she had to wrap up before we could be together. THE GIRL sent me and my mother to go live with a friend.  My mother had been there several times before, so it wasn’t too bad.  There was food and shelter and the people seemed nice enough.  
But then one day, these men came, and ripped her away from me.  She was gone.  Here I was, a small child … alone in a strange place.  There was still food, but I lost the will to eat.  I was devestated by the absence of my mother.  It seemed like forever and I felt myself slipping away, wondering if i was ever going to see my mother or THE GIRL again.
When THE GIRL arrived I was a shell of a body. I recognized her but there was nothing.  No feeling … only emptiness.  She didn’t understand, she wasn’t LIKE ME.  She begged me to eat, she tried to get close to me, but there was nothing left for her.  THE GIRL was gone too long.
Within days I was back to the place where I was born, with THE GIRL.  She introduced me to Windy.  Windy was like ME!!  And as I watched Windy eat and ENJOY that food … well, I figured I could start eating again.  Maybe all wasn’t lost. For the next few years, it was just THE GIRL, Windy and Me.  Windy was bossy as hell, she smacked me around at times, but we had a lot of fun.  As I grew up, Windy challenged me less and less … I grew bigger and stronger and sometimes I even pushed her around.
THE GIRL and I spent a lot of time together too.  She introduced me to a wizard friend, whom SHE says, transferred special powers to me before he passed.  Sometimes I think perhaps he did because we both experience “high strangeness” a lot!  I even survived a nasty near death experience with West Nile Virus.
THE GIRL used to take me out and we’d play together, I’d run and show off and she’d give me kisses and hugs.  I’ll never forget that day when West Nile hit me.  I realized something was wrong.  We went out to play and I just wasn’t feeling right.  I wanted to run and dance and show her all I had, but i could barely lift my feet, and kept tripping all over myself.  THE GIRL asked me if I was drunk.  So we stopped early, and went back inside.  I could see she was concerned about me.  The next day I woke up in excruciating pain … The virus was attacking my spinal cord, my shoulders and hips were inflamed and all I wanted to do was lie down and die.  
When THE GIRL saw me she knew immediately what had to be done.  There were no known CURES for the virus, and it is 60% fatal.  Within hours she returned with an armful of remedies from a holistic pharmacist in town. She fixed up this TERRIBLE concoction and dosed me with essential oils. Within 3 days all swelling was gone, and I was feeling back to my normal self. THE GIRL tells me that she knew I wasn’t going to die because we had a destiny together, and it wasn’t for me to die when we had just found each other again. I guess SHE was right.
These last few years have been an interesting ride. THE GIRL moved me into a PALACE. I’ve made new friends and have been training, running and jumping. I have two other roommates, guys.  They’re pretty cool.  I’m not looking for a relationship right now as I am focused on my training.  However, THE GIRL tells me that I am genetically perfect and my children will one day be immortalized in history. I dream that one day I will meet MY SOULMATE and spend days and evenings by her side, as my mother and father did.  But until then, I will choose to pursue my professional dreams and share my gifts as my brothers and sisters before me.  If you want to support my training, I’m selling limited quantities of my genetic heritage here.
PS.  I am looking to compete, show and win.  If you are interested in the same, message THE GIRL and tell us about YOUR dreams.